Odessa SHOW 2017 in Club IQ
concert of students from Odessa

Odessa SHOW 2017 in Club IQ

Funny skits, rousing dances and original songs -  presented artists creating one of the best student group in Ukraine. Performed on Monday, January 30, 2017 on  the stage of IQ Club in  University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. The beginning was at 19.00.

"Studclub" is a student art-group from the National University of Economic in Odessa. For 40 years of existence, the group  had a lot of success working with leading choreographers, instructors and directors. A few years ago a student who take part in group won the competition "The Voice of Ukraine". At their university they joking that "Studklub" is one of faculty, because for their members it is a great adventure and major activity after studying. Group is consists of students from different faculties.

Studclub arrives to Rzeszów for the third time. This year the 16 artists under the directions of Victoria Litvinova. The program consisted of  vocal performances, dance, and not devoid of comic mime scenes.

Initiator of event is Foundation of Art Initiative  "UNISSON." Organizer and partnertner is Club IQ of University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow .

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Photos - Katarzyna Mieszawska



Festival of Henryk Morys and Andrzej Litwin / Kielce
Singing competitions of children's and youth

Festival of Henryk Morys and Andrzej Litwin / Kielce

On 26-27 November 2016, the Foundation of Art Iniciatives "UNISSON" represented the young contestants at the XXIII International Festival Singers Children's and Youth named by Henry Morris and Andrew Litvin.

Event organizer: Regional House of Culture of Jozef Pilsudski in Kielce.

The annual competition is directed to young students of vocal art since its beginnings, is aimed to nurture the musical culture among children and young people, to develop their passion and opportunity to present themselves in front of a wider audience and a professional jury. Participation in the festival can confront the vocal skills of its participants among colleagues from different parts of Polish and foreign countries.

The rate of the festival - "Golden Microphone", about which competed talented singers in each of the four age categories: up to 8 years / 9 to 12 years / 13 to 16 years / 17 to 20 years. The competition was attended by 58 participants. Foundation "unisson" represented two singers in the third category: Alina Kichuk and Olena Bukrieieva (Charnomorsk), and one in the last (most oldest) category: Artem Akopian (Belgorod on the Dniester). All participant presented a high level of vocal scills. For all contestants organizers have prepared diplomas and pleasant gifts.

* winner - Artem Akopian

With great pleasure we want to congratulate Artem Akopian, who sang a French song, "Une vie d'amour" was unrivaled among the oldest ontestants and took the first place!

In addition to the contest, for our participants was organized tourist program. We saw the National Museum in Kielce (Former Bishops' Palace) Monastery on the Holy Crosses on Bald Mountain, St. Source. Francis at the foot of Bald Mountain, Ciekoty - the place where lived Stefan Żeromski, famous Polish writer, journalist and playwright.

* View from the monastery at Holy Cross


XVI Feast of Bread "From grain to loaf"
cyclical festival of milling tradition/ Ustrzyki Dolne

XVI Feast of Bread "From grain to loaf"

6-7 of August 2016 in the Museum of Milling and Rural in Ustrzyki Dolne was a recurring tourist festival "Feast of Bread", which was established in 2000. The initiator is Mr. Roman Glapiak, who leads the agriturismo "U Flika" in Dźwiniaczu Dolny. There's also took place its fourteenth edition. In 2015 it was moved to the Mill.

The event program included many mill attractions dating back to the roots: grinding grain in the mill - with family or friends / threshing flail grain / sifting - cleaning of grain threshing  is enjoying great popularity of fun. But the main hero of Feasts is traditionally baked sourdough bread with a leaf of cabbage. It tasted with homemade lard and pickled cucumber.

Feast included a big concert program - performances of regional folk groups and traditional fair.

To take part in the event were invited children's dance group "Nieposiedy" from Białgorod on the Dniester (Ukraine), whos represented the Foundation of Art Inicciative "UNISSON." Children and director of the group given the opportunity to join in the creation of a big festiwal, present great dances on the big stage of the festival  and learn the oldest tradition of bread baking "from grain ...". The Foundation organized for children tourism program to become better acquainted with the culture of the country and everyday life.

* Children's dance group "Nieposiedy"

The main star of the concert - the band "Rusychi" (Bialgorod on the Dniester), also represented at the festival by the "unisson." The band performed folk - ukrainian originalan melodies, making their own modifications to the modern sound, and combine the cultural past and future.


* band "Rusychi"

Photos taken from social networks.


Winner of the Eurovision 2016 contest – JAMALA / Rzeszów, Poland
full concert on the Rzeszów’s Market Square stage

Winner of the Eurovision 2016 contest – JAMALA / Rzeszów, Poland

Jamala is a Ukrainian singer, composer and actor. She performs music that includes elements of such styles as soul, jazz, funk, folk and electronic. She represented Ukraine and won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with her song "1944". The lyrics for the song concern the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, in the 1940s.

On the 23 June 2016, Jamala gave a full concert on the Rzeszów’s Market Square stage. The concert was held in the framework of „The Rise of Eastern Culture” Festival.

Before the concert at 13.00, the singer gave a press-conference for media and fans in the festival club on the Boulevards.

Event Organizer: Estrada Rzeszowska.
Co-organizer and initiator: Fundacja Inicjatywy Artystyczne "UNISSON".
Sponsor: G2A.COM

Press-conference photos

Concert photos

House of culture on wheels – musical workshops
music lessons and singing

House of culture on wheels – musical workshops

This project was split into three parts which involved artistic, cultural and social initiatives in villages of Dębowiec district during May – December of 2015. Participation was free of charge thanks to financial support of polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

The initiative was led by MONMONDE Foundation and its founder, Ewelina Jurasz.

Foundation of Art Initiatives UNISSON was responsible for musical initiative within the project and led workshops in singing as well as playing traditional music instruments of Carpathian borderlands. Together with Bogdan Nikiruy, Jaroslav Liashok, Iryna Ishkova, Ivan Plugatariov and Yuliua Honcharuk, participants had a chance to learn how to play the instruments, sing songs and ballads.

Project photos

Project movie

„Theater Beautiful Flowers” performance „FAT”
in Maska Theatre, Rzeszow

„Theater Beautiful Flowers” performance „FAT”

Performance “FAT” by „Theater Beautiful Flowers” took place in Maska Theatre, Rzeszow as part of festival named “The Rise of Eastern Culture” on June, 27th of 2015.

„Theater Beautiful Flowers” founded back in 2011 in Kharkiv, Ukraine by three colleagues, performs in very unique genre – funk futurism, making pantomimes and shadow theatre shows.

Performance was organized and led by Foundation of Art Initiatives UNISSON.



Electro East – ONUKA’s Concert / Rzeszów, Poland
concert on Rzeszów’s Market Square stage

Electro East – ONUKA’s Concert / Rzeszów, Poland

On the 27 June 2015, in the framework „The Rise of Eastern Culture” Festival, was held the concert of famous Ukrainian electro-folk band ONUKA/ Rzeszów’s Market Square stage.

The day before, on 26 June, ONUKA performed on the main stage of the festival with the Polish singer Marika.

The band was created in 2013 by Ukrainian musicians Eugene Filatov (aka The Maneken) and Nata Zhyzhchenko, the former vocalist of Tomato Jaws (Ukraine). The Ukrainian word Onuka translates to "granddaughter," a tribute to lead singer Zhyzhchenko's grandfather and renowned folk-instrument maker, Oleksandr Shlionchyk. The band's instrumentation includes electronic drums, trombones, French horns and the Ukrainian folk instruments bandura and sopilka. Nata believes that old traditions and classic folk instruments (such as the bandura and sopilka) disappeared in the Soviet Union.
On stage, the band’s soloist, Nata, grabs one’s attention immediately with her fashionable and extravagant costumes. Yet, after one hears the first few chords of the unique combination of Ukrainian folk instruments in a modern electronic format, it’s clear that she can be proud of more than just her striking appearance. After all, she’s not only the face and voice of the band, but also author of its music and lyrics, in addition to being the group’s visionary leader.
Nata Zhyzhchenko about their creation: „ With the help of modern electronics music, we have an opportunity to showcase treasures of Ukrainian culture, folk instruments that produce incredible sounds, such as Ukrainian melodies. It seems that this is one of my life’s callings.”

Event Organizer: Estrada Rzeszowska.
Co-organizer and initiator: Foudation of Art Initiatives „UNISSON”.

26.06.2015 - Onuka(UA) with Marika (PL) at the main concert concert video

concert photos

Art Festival „PRZYJAŹŃ” (Friendship)
folk festival

Art Festival „PRZYJAŹŃ” (Friendship)

Starting from the beginning of February, 2015 Foundation of Art Initiatives UNISSON runs various projects in Ustrzyki Dolne town.

One of such projects is art-festival „PRZYJAŹŃ” (Friendship), which took place on April 30th  - May 2nd at Mill and Village museum “MŁYN”.

  Festival involved multiple events, including:

-          “Spring emotions”art gallery opening, with exhibits of Ukrainian artists

-          Musical instruments museum opening, exhibition of antique instruments, instrumental playing workshops

-          Workshops in weaving, egg-painting, making dolls and others

-          Musical performances of various artists

-          Documentary movies viewing

Sencere thanks for all members and visitors! 

festival photos

festival movie


Urban Exploration Lviv Festival (partner)
technical support of the festival

Urban Exploration Lviv Festival (partner)

Urban Exploration Lviv Fest, 15-17 of August 2014 | place: Lviv, ul. B.Chmelnyckoho 124 (Factory of Marmalade), Ukraine.

Organizer - Anaid Agadjanova (Lviv).

Fundation of Art Initiatives „UNISSON”  acted as a partner of the Festival.

Urban Exploration Lviv Fest - an event that combines the original theater program, a unique photographic exhibitions, musical events and an exclusive educational laboratory in the mysterious and full of legends Marmalade Factory in Lviv.

Aim of the event - to draw attention to communities forgotten and neglected art-object, and establish a new festival, which will be a platform for young artists, architects, photographers, musicians, actors, directors, and lovers of contemporary art.

Among others, the festival held a workshop improvisation theater, photography, cooking, crafts / performances of young theater / literary meeting / concerts and musical performances.



„Color of velvet” in Poland, led in 2014
III International artistic plein-air

„Color of velvet” in Poland, led in 2014

The aim of the plein-air – discovering polish culture and well as sharing experience, enthusiasm and impressions between the participants.


Sergey Garkavyi (Ukraine, Bilgoro-Dnistrovskyi) (FB)
Oksana Shvets (Ukraine, Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi) (FB)
Helga Malakhivska (Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk) (FB)
Yurij Pinchuk (Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk) (FB)
Misako Masuda (Japane, Okayama) (FB)

Foundation of Art Initiatives UNISSON organized the project and activities for the participants:

*Helga Malakhovska, Gallery in Przemyśl

*waiting for the supper, workshop "Oregami" from Misako Masuda, Ustrzyki Dolne

*Gallery Synagog in Lesko


*Misako Masuda and Helga Malakhovka, Dam Solina

*Sergey Garkavyi, Gallery at the factory of beer "Ursa Major"

*Helga Malakhovska, church in Równia


*Oksana Shvets, Gallery RCKP in Krosno

*Misako Masuda in Museum of Glass Heritage in Krosno

*participants of plein-air, guests in RCKP, Krosno

 *studio RCKP

*Sergey Garkavyi in Museum of Glass Heritage, Krosno

*Yurij Pinchuk, Gallery of Zdżisław Beksiński 

*Sanok Museum, Gallery of Zdżisław Beksiński 

* Museum of Folk Architecture, Sanok - Skansen

*trip to Slovakia, Bardejov

* Krasiczyn Castle

More photos
Photos from the previous plein-airs

ODESSA-SHOW in Polish Radio Rzeszów
concert of students from Odessa

ODESSA-SHOW in Polish Radio Rzeszów

28 of January, 2014  in the concert studio of Radio Rzeszow held a unique event, "Odessa Show."  The project realized in the framework of program "Open culture", thanks to the joint actions of the Polish Radio Rzeszow and the Foundation of Art Initiative "UNISSON."

"Odessa-Show" - a concert program that combines dance, singing and cabaret presented by the Performance Studio "Studklub" (National University of Economics based in Odessa). In order to promote integration and communication through music and culture, to participate in the program was invited polish guests - artists and students of UiTM Anna Szczygielska, Aneta Rolls, John Trybus.

The concert was conducted by Maryna Bevzenko and Łukasz Błąd.

Before the performance, ukrainian students learned about the education system in Poland on the example of a private college UITM they had opportunities to meet and talk with college student.

more photos





Art gives a lot of opportunities.

Christmas Carol Contest of Borderland 2014 / Krosno, Poland
represented ukrainian artists in the XXIII Junior Christmas Carol Contest

Christmas Carol Contest of Borderland 2014 / Krosno, Poland

Foundation of Art Initiatives „UNISSON” represented ukrainian artists in the XXIII Junior Christmas Carol Contest.
The event was held in the Regional Center of Borderland Cultures in Krosno (Poland), on the 17 January 2014. More than 100 young participants from Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine showed their vocal abilities.

* photos took from the site of the Regional Center of Borderland Culture in Krosno.

Christmas Traditions of Borderland „Star of Bethlehem” Festival / Krosno, Poland
the program includes series of different Christmas presentations

Christmas Traditions of Borderland „Star of Bethlehem” Festival / Krosno, Poland

Foundation of Art Initiatives „UNISSON” took part in the Christmas Traditions of Borderland „Star of Bethlehem” Festival.

Event organizer: Regional Center of Borderland Cultures (Krosno).

All elements of the festival are to show unities and differences in the Christmas traditions on the two sides of border, in two religions. The program includes series of different presentations intended to keep memory of the traditions and customs during the Christmas celebrations.

*photos taken from the web-site Regionalne Centrum Kultur Pogranicza w Krośnie

Studklub. Odessa Show - in IQ Club (WSIiZ) 2016
concert of students in Rzeszow

Studklub. Odessa Show - in IQ Club (WSIiZ) 2016

Meeting with Ukrainian culture: Studklub Odessa show in Rzeszow

Another one artistic evening in the Academical Club IQ at the Univercity of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. This time the students arrived from Odessa, who showed real ODESSA humor combined with Ukrainian songs and dances.

2 of February, 2016 was the date od concert performed by students who named: Studklub. They transported by 1500 km - dances, cabarets, and songs - every performance forced even deeper plunge into the mystery of the culture of the South Ukraine.

  - I think that it is a challenge at first visit  another country, I'm not even talking about perfomance. It's nice that we integrate with each other, so that we learn more about the culture of another country - commented Elizabet Androsowa, a student second years at UiTM.

The concert started from dancing, it was  samurai story about how good side always fights with the dark side. At the beginningeverybody seen that the philosophy and understanding of what they want to say is the language of dance. Cabaret move the audience from the sad thoughts to the true odessa humor. Mostly jokes were spoken in Ukrainian, but almost everyone laughed, so  that wasn't a problem. At first glance, it seems that talking about trivial things, but it is the key to a successful joke.

- There was not  enough for me traditional odessa humor, but they sad that Odessian jokes can be understood only by Odessa-citizen - said Iryna Golovan, a student of UiTM - in addition to a concert inspired me a lot, just like the culture, I love Odessa.

Od śmiechu do miłości. Po płaczu od żartów niektórzy zaczęli płakać od tańca dwóch ukochanych. Język ciała, emocję, o których nie mówią, a po prostu trzymają ich w sercu – miłość i więcej słów nie jest potrzebna.

Głos – to jest mocna broń ukraińskiej kultury, kolejny raz upewniły się w tym gości koncertu. I nacjonalne piosenki, i  nowoczesny rok – wszystko można było usłyszeć tym wieczorem.

Na początku było strasznie, dlatego, że jest to inny kraj, inna mentalność, chociaż głównie to były nasi rówieśnicy. Przez każdy następny numer mieliśmy coraz więcej kontaktu z ludźmi – podzieliła się wrażeniami uczestniczka Studklub Odessa show Christina Niewiedoma. 

At the end of the concert was even more jokes, energetic modern dance. And that's not all, the last dance were heavily marked by emotions and history. Performance named Daisies recreated the soul and the girls on stage and the audience. History of severe and sometimes unjust woman's life once again showed that they have something to say to people, and it is a major strength of this team. And it is thanks not only to the participants but also the manager of the Victoria Lytvynovej that all the time experienced with them to support their students.

Studklub is another faculty at the university - so say about them friends. For 40 years, the University of Economics in Odessa students create their culture resort and destroy the border by showing their talents in Europe.

Diligently working on jokes, sometimes it happens that between 100 jokes we left only 20 what are good, and 2-3 only go over for the show. Sometimes I do not sleep all night, but we like to deal with this - said one of the participants of cabaret.

The concert is organized by the Foundation of Art Initiatives "UNISSON" and Club IQ (UiTM).

Author of article YULIIA MYKHAILIUK.


East-European gallery and art exhibit „Mlyn”


Event is organized by:

-          Museum of village culture and milling „Mlyn”

-          International art plain-air “Color of velvet”

-          Foundation of Art Initiatives „UNISSON”


The idea of organization an East-European gallery and art exhibit „Mlyn” came up during an international art plain-air “Color of velvet” which took place in September 2014 in Poland and Slovakia. “Color of velvet” started from Ustrzyki Dolne (Subcarpathian region). This area is one of the most interesting geographic and ethnographic regions in Poland, making Ustrzyki Dolne an exceptional town with its gorgeous landscapes and culture features.  Let’s take a look at strong art traditions of this town. In 1906, here was born a talented artist, graphic, member of Polish Artists Association (Cracow Deparment), professor of Cracow Art Academy Ewgeni Wanek. In 1929, Emmanuel Mysko was also born here – famous Ukrainian portrait artist of XX century, head of Lviv Artist Association, founder of Ukrainian Art Academy. His museum is located not far from this place.


Zdzisław Beksiński is Polish artist, hotographer and sculptor, specializing in the field of utopian art. He never named his paintings, claiming that everyone should interpret it on his own. 


In atmosphere like this we came up with creating art museum of eastern european countries. The organizers want you to meet the workmanship of artists from Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, Romania, Baltic countries and Moldova. We aim to show you the skill level of those participating in our vernissages. The exhibition is changing once a month. 




The organizers are conducting international art plain-air “Color of velvet”, which is 2-3 time event, one of them is located near the Black Sea, and another in mountains. Location and conditions are changing depending on season, program, country and duration of the event. Artists, photographers, poets, musicians and others are invited for participation.  During the event we also organize improvised concerts, jam sessions, literature redings, photo sessions, disco and so on. 



Foundation of Art Initiatives „UNISSON” is a community of active and artistic people which have organized a lot of interesting culture projects and events. We work in such areas as culture, education, music, history etc. We organize plain-airs, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, master classes, national culture days. We provide logistics for bands and groups that are travelling.





One of the biggest touristic places in Ustrzyki Dolne is museum of village culture and milling “Mlyn”. Steam mill that was built in 1925, currently is the only one mill museum in Poland. It’s located on the crossroads of the most famous places in the area. 



Representation of music project ukrainian bass player - Igor Zakus
Samba Kolo project - on the Rzeszów Market

Representation of music project ukrainian bass player - Igor Zakus

20th of September 2014 Foundation of Art Initiative "UNISSON" had the pleasure to represent the musical project of the ukrainian bass player Igor Zakusa - Samba Kolo on the Rzeszów Market Square. The organaizer of festival is - Estrada Rzeszowska.

From 17.00 on the Rzeszów Market Square held a concert annoncing Rzeszow Jazz Festival.

In concert program was also included known rzeszow rapper Eskaubei with new project Eskaubei and Tomek Nowak Quartet and world-class British saxophonist PATSY GAMBLE with the band.

All this during a festiwal named "Culture of Cuisine", held in the framework the European Heritage Days.

Jazz Kolo project with the program Samba Kolo are:

Laura Marti - vocals,

Natalia Lebedieva - keys, piano

Ihor Zakus - bass guitar,

Oleksandr Lebedenko - drums.


"Jazz-KOLO" - is a project created to support the Ukrainian jazz, aimed to unite musicians and the development of Ukrainian improvisational music. They are invited to the project, they are a better strength of the musical elite of the country, creating a new, unexpected, interesting musical product that is fixed. By using audio and video archive consists of native jazz music.

Founder and ideological inspirer Ihor Zakus. Released the 14 DVD and 15 CD discs, assembled 45 music-television transfers proprietary music jazzmen Ukrainian. It is transmitted to ТV channel "Culture", "ТRК."

Ihor Zakus gathered, has completed and released a kind of audio-anthology of Ukrainian jazz, which consists of a 7-eight CD albums: "Bass-KOLO", "Guitar-KOLO", "Piano-KOLO", "Sax-KOLO", "Drum -KOLO".
For the last year of the project he created 10 programs impowizatorskiej music, from blues, swing to acid and rock music.


Project Open The Culture
festivals, days of culture, exhibitions and events held all over Europe

Project Open The Culture

The program, which combines various festivals, days of culture, exhibitions and events taking place across Europe. In this program involved ansambles of singing and dancing from all over Ukraine. The main participants are talented young people, who routed through music and dance contributes to the opening and development of Ukrainian culture abroad. Ukrainian culture is very rich and it certainly can not be fit in ten minutes though so much time can be enough to attract the viewer. Every performance is the impulse that starts the process of interest in Ukraine in the world. Culture is very important, creates a unique cultural and spiritual space.

Performances designed for a wide range of participants and spectators of all ages, status and nationality.

Presenting your work is not the only thing. Creative teams have a unique opportunity not only to participate in the festival, but also learn about the history of the country that they know very superficially. Knowledge of other cultures and history through tours, travel, communication and knowledge with others increases the creative and intellectual potential of young people. It enriches the inner, spiritual world. Expands perspective. Horizons worldview.

Participation in the program helps to recognize and appreciate the spiritual heritage that people behave in the whole period of existence.

"Open culture" is to develop cultural exchange.

In 2012 he began the first trip, before of existing of Foundation. Already in 2013. Program combined 6 countries, about 15 cities and about 1000 participants. All this for four years.

Short Films Overview. Art Stories from the East
night of short films view

Short Films Overview. Art Stories from the East

  • Short Films Overview
    Art Stories from the East

    Foundation of Art Initiatives "UNISSON" with Music Club SZAFA  i KINOPIXEL (Lviv)  held the night of short films viewnight of short films view, named "Art stories from the east".

    Alexandr Judin (Herson)
    Pavel Levchuk (Kyiv)
    Maryna Artemenko (Kyiv)
    Taisiya Kanygina (Moskva)
    Ksenija Kalinichenko (Kyiv)
    Ivan Ischenko (Lwow)
    Aigul Mineeva (Lwow)

    The night of short films view was held on April 24th, 2014. Those movies were filmed by different producers, which are united in one thing - they create something unique. We got together people who are interested in art in very warm and bizarre atmosphere. The movies we chose were easy to perceive for everyone. We do have to try something new, learn something different and look at the world from the other side.